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Mathematics book list

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A lot of aspirants have asked me the best books to refer to for Mathematics Mains preparation. Almost all of the questions asked in the paper are solved examples from standard text-books. So it is important to identify the correct set of books for your preparation. Here I am providing the list of books which I referred to during my preparation. I was able to attempt all the questions during both my attempts.

Paper – I

  1. Calculus – Shanti Narayan – Course on Mathematical Analysis (S. Chand)
  2. Analytic Geometry – Shanti Narayan (S. Chand)
  3. Ordinary Differential Equations – M.D. Raisinghania (S. Chand)
  4. Statics – Krishna Series
  5. Dynamics – Krishna Series

Paper – II

  1. Algebra – (a) Khanna and Bhambri (b) I. N. Herstein
  2. Real Analysis – MD. Raisinghania – Elements of Real Analysis (S. Chand)
  3. Complex Analysis – Krishna Series
  4. Linear Programming –  Krishna Series
  5. Partial Differential Equations– M.D. Raisinghania + (Some portion of book on Boundary Value Problem by S. Chand)
  6. Numerical Analysis – Jain and Iynger
  7. Fluid Dynamics – M.D. Raisinghania
  8. Mechanics – Krishna Series (Rigid Dynamics vol.-1 and Vo.-II)

For Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis, I could not find any books relevant to the exam. So I referred to Brilliant Tutorials material to practice questions.

In the next post, I will provide the detailed strategy for preparation and attempting the paper.

  1. Thanx Very much !!

  2. Hii…sir First of all congratulations to you for your grand success……my one optional is mathematics…..can you pls tell me how much marks u attempted in both the attempts in mathematics mains and how much u got finally ,after a considerable normalization…..and if possible can u pls provide an standard solution of any example…..
    Thanks in advance sir…
    Thanks a lot….

    • Last time I attempted all the questions but in around 4-5 questions worth 80-90 marks, I obtained wrong answers. My final score was 390/600. This year I did not make any mistake and I’ve correctly attempted 600/600, but the marks are still awaited.

      Ok, I will try to provide standard solutions when I get the time.

  3. Any postal coaching available for mathematics

    • @rohan i have given booklist which is far better than any postal coaching.

  4. Sir which book to refer for algorithm(numerical analysis) & boolean algebra.Is Khanna & bhambri sufficent for modern algebra.
    Sir please tell us which questions did u attempt in both the papers.

    • @lokesh Yes Khanna and Bhambri is sufficient. Some proofs are better in Herstein, so refer to it also.
      I created my own algo and flowchart after referring to multiple sources. For boolean algebra, it was overlapping with electrical. You can read any book on digital electronics(i had morris mano).
      My attempt:- Paper I- 3,4,8 and Paper II – 4,6,7

  5. Hello
    Many many congratulations on your success!!!!
    Sir, can you please tell if we can leave any topic while preparation in Paper 1 as well as in Paper 2?

    • @gagan: Thanks. If there is paucity of time, you can leave. But you will not be able to attempt the full paper.

  6. congrats sir… n thank u so much fr sharin ur experience..m havin maths n geography.. i need to knw wat shd b d strategy.. shd 1 solve al d questions by hand, shd 1 make notes of wats thr in books.. plz clarify..

    • @pratiksha: i will write detailed strategy soon. questions in maths should be definitely solved on paper. making notes is not necessary, but they are good if you have habit of studying notes.

  7. thnx 4 replyin.. waitin 4 the strategy details.. tc..

  8. hi prakash
    last year, in paper2 i didn’t draw a flowchart in q7…was that a mistake? in question, only algorithm was asked….

  9. Thank u Sir for the reply.Ok ,if i am not able to attempt the whole paper,shouldn’t i then prepare leaving some topics?dats y i m asking…Waiting for the strategy and other details while preparing.

    • @gagan: first try to improve the speed by practice so that you can attempt the whole(or almost) paper. leaving some topics should be the last option.

  10. sir please also give the book list of electrical engineering and the stratgies to follow.

  11. Ok…Thank you Sir

  12. First of congratulations for your splendid success,wish you all the best to be a successful administrator.I am working in HPCL and have background of BTech(Mechanical).I wish to opt Matheatics as one of my optionals,I want to know about the scaling /moderation as I do not have any clear idea,what is the basis/standard/formula adopted for scaling.Since ,you have actually appeared with Maths as a subject ,so expecting an authentic answer from your end.
    I apologise for informing that Linear algebra and Vector analysis are a part of Mathematics syllabus in Btech course,covering topics in CS Maths syllabus.

    • @prashant: i dont think anybody has clear idea on methodology adopted by upsc regarding scaling. we can only have a guess on it by comparing our correct attempt and final marks obtained. i can confirm it after seeing my marks(they are still not out).
      why are you apologizing? its good if they are covered.

  13. sir … i am not an engg student .. what would be the best book for boolean algebra ??

    • @adit: if you have read it in graduation then refer to source only. i dont have any idea about books other than m. morris mano, but i doubt if it is the best book for boolean algebra

  14. Sir,actually i have not done MECHANICS,FLUID DYNAMICS and COMPUTER PROGRAMMING portion.The books that you have given in your list,are these sufficient for the topics(mechanics,etc,)considering i have not studied it before?Will i be able to understand it if i self-study?

    Waiting for the strategy… 🙂

    • @gagan: yes these books are sufficient for mechanics and fluid dynamics. they contain many solved examples so i think self study is possible. for computer programming i dont know any particular book as there are discrete topics.

  15. hello sir…..
    congratulations for your grand success
    sir i have a query…i also have a mathematics optional…
    sir how much marks u expect this year in maths(main) paper….
    sir i have to give my first attempt next year..i also doing extensive study…so what strategy i make for clearing math paper pls reply sir…

    • @aditya: i am expecting at least 400. it is good that you are doing extensive study. i will write detailed strategy soon.

  16. Hello Prakash, I’m B-Tech(I.T) from IIIT-ALLD and this year i have given pre-exam, most probably i would clear it, for mains prep. could u write up smth on this page in detail, abt strategy etc… I’m v-gud in mathematics…. bt still i want to secure it…

  17. now you will be having some idea of scaling,as in one of the above posts you mentioned you have expected 400 and got 427,what was your correct attempt out of 600,please tell about electrical also

  18. hello prakash sir, do u have an idea regarding the changed pattern of cse pre.

  19. what about the nature of the question paper in maths? Is it like the one we face in board exams(10th and 12th)or the one the we face in competitive exams like JEE? So to what level of mastery of each concept is required for the papers?

  20. hello prakash, now after the declaration of marks, what is your view regarding scaling in maths.i think it must be 50-60 marks in both papers.

    • @shrish: i think it is higher in paper I, around 70-80. In paper II it may be in the range you mentioned.

  21. thnx sir….u achieve a great score…i am now more motivated….because i think in maths one can achieve high score…..
    sir seeing ur mark sheet…m now more tensed about essay section..sir pls tel me the strategy for dis section..
    hope to hve reply frm ur side sir

    • @aditya: dont get anxious. had i made a good strategy, i would have got much better marks in essay.

  22. thnx sir,,,,me nt anxious sir…m just feel relaxed…becoz most of the ppl said its difficult to score wid science subjects…..sir pls tel the strategy for essay

  23. Hi Praksh,

    Is there any logical sequence of reading the the chapters of mathematics in a particular order, like Linear Algebra and Algebra or ODE and PDE or Dynamics or Fluid Dynamics….etc that we can efficiently prepare in mathematics?
    It would be of great help for many Mathematics Aspirants.

  24. Boss,
    accept my heartiest Congratulations.
    I have a small query. what can be the best strategy to be followed for areas like mechanics,hydrostatics and fluid dynamics because in these areas examiner gets lot of freedom and can frame questions from anywhere?

    • @nagesh: which syllabus are you referring, hydrostatics is removed from the syllabus. for other two topics refer to the books i have mentioned.

  25. Are there any text books from which we can expect direct questions in
    mechanics,hydrostatics and fluid dynamics.

  26. Hi Prakash,

    Which paper[I/II] and which topics will require amount of time for preparation?Here my point is which part of maths is more error prone or complex or needs multiple revisions compared to other chapters?

    • @bhaskar: all this varies for different individuals. i require less time for abstract algebra but it may be opposite for others. you can yourself judge this.

  27. Hello Prakash,
    so nice of you for the blog. really, aspirants with mathematics optional needed this. congretulations for the success in cse.
    please tell me,
    i have not gone through linear programming in my graduation.
    also m not strong in complex analysis,
    can they be prepared now by my own with the books u mentioned .
    i have done graduation from regional institute of education (ncert).

    • @neelam: thanks. yes they can be prepared by own with the books i have mentioned.

  28. are u sure about scaling system?
    because they dont mention it anywhere.

    • see i dont have any concrete idea about the scaling system. it is just observation seeing the final marks and correct attempt.

  29. i am having rudin, krishna series – real anlysis,
    krishna series, schaums – numerical analysis,
    are these ok or i need to go for the books u mentioned, for good results.
    one more request : please come up with the posts regarding preparation strategy and attempting paper.

    • for real analysis the book i referred is best. i dont have any idea about the books of numerical analysis, it can be covered from any book.

  30. hello prakash
    is krishna series for abstractalgebra (along with herstein ) is enough or need to go for bhambri ?

    • @neelam: i havent seen krishna series. but bhambri is very good for the exam.

  31. I have a request ,please tell me what are the publications of following books:
    1.Khanna and Bhambri
    2.I.N. Hernstein
    3.Jain and Iyenger
    where can I get them in Delhi.

    • @prashant: you can get these books from jawahar book bepot, ber sarai even without naming the publisher.

  32. ok thanks

  33. who is the author of :Complex Analysis – Krishna Series,
    is that book alone sufficient

    • @nitish: i dont remember author’s name. this book does covers entire syllabus, but questions can come from anywhere.

  34. Hi prakash,

    I am from Bangalore and couple of books i got it from bookshops here and few of them got it from flipkart and indiabeans except Krishna series books ?? Can you tell me exact name of the publisher/authors ….so that i can find over net…


  35. Hi prakash,

    For numerical Analysis which book of Jain and Iyengar to refer, “Numerical methods problems and solutions” or “Numerical methods for scientific and Engineering Computations” ? Seeing forward for ur reply.

  36. hello sir,
    can u tell us what to refer for Laplace Transforms in ODE??

  37. hello sir,
    two more queries..
    1. from 2009 paper-I, Q5(a) and also from 2008 paper-I, Q6(a),(particle movement describing an ellipse) to which part of the syllabus do these questions related to?
    2. from 2009 paper-I, Q6(c) which method did u follow, whether exact DE or putting y/x=t?

    • @venkata: 1. they are from dynamics(both are solved in krishna publication book). 2. i did not solve that ode question.

    • hey venkata, you can use u=lnX and v= lnY. it will become a lot simpler 🙂

  38. Hi prakash,
    can you please tell the exact books name of the krishna series for various topics? I am unable to find that book in Hyderabad.

  39. Dear Sir, Is topology there in the syllabus of upsc ?

  40. hello sir,
    the Q5(b) that appeared in 2009 (Wronskian and linear dependence), to which part of the syllabus this Q is related?

  41. hello sir,
    Can tell me kindly where to cover the topic ‘application to geometry’ in Vector Calculus.
    thank u..

  42. Hello Sir,
    I am Avinash from IIT KGP. Right now i am in 3rd year. i am taking Maths and Mechanical as my optionals. i have got funda for maths from your blog. Thanks for that. can you please help me to get funda for Mechanical Engineering paper.

    I will be thankful to u for this.
    waiting for your kind reply.

    • @avinash: i dont have specific funda for mechanical(nor do i know anybody). i think general tips for engg optionals should be similar. i will suggest you to practice ies and ifs papers too.

  43. sir,can u please say the exact title and author of following books as it is not available in Bangalore:
    # Statics – Krishna Series
    # Dynamics – Krishna Series
    #Complex Analysis – Krishna Series
    #Mechanics – Krishna Series (Rigid Dynamics vol.-1 and Vo.-II)

    waiting for reply

    • @nitish: i am sorry, i dont have books with me right now. you can search for jawahar book depot, ber sarai, delhi. they might deliver the books.

  44. m.d. raising lumina or m.d. raisinghania

  45. Sir I am referring to “A Course of Mathematical Analysis” by Shanti Narayana for the Calculus portion as mentioned by you. I have an old edition and the chapters don’t seem to match as given in ur strategy in “Mathematics Part 2”. Please tell me which chapters should I refer to out of the following (Some topics also seem to belong to “Real Analysis” of Paper-II) :-
    1. Real Numbers
    2. Bounded Sets, Open & Closed Sets
    3. Real Sequences
    4. Real Valued Functions of Single Variable, Limit & Continuity
    5. Real Valued Functions of Single Variable, Derivability
    6. Real Valued Functions of Single Variable, Riemann Integrability
    7. Sequences of Functions, Point Wise and Uniform Convergence
    8. Elementary Functions
    9. Improper Integrals
    10. Fourier Series
    11. Euclidean Spaces, Open & Closed Sets, Compact Sets
    12. Real Valued Functions of Several Variables, Limit & Continuity
    13. Partial Derivatives
    14. Invertible Functions, Implicit Functions
    15. Integrals as Functions of a Parameter
    16. Integration in R2, Line Integrals, Double Integrals
    17. Curve Lengths, Surface Area
    18. Integration in R2, Gauss and Stoke Theorems

  46. @prakash: Thanks for ur reply sir. Do u think these chapters would be sufficient to cover the entire ‘Calculus’ syllabus of Paper-I. Some portions like indefinite intergrals, infinite and improper integrals, riemann’s definition of definite integrals etc. are not covered in this book (parts of integral calculus).
    Plus for portions of maxima & minima, asymptotes, curve tracing, lagrange’s method and jacobians, I referred to Differential Calculus Book of Krishna Series. Would it be sufficient or something more is also required.

    • @saurabh: they do not cover the entire syllabus. but they are only relevant chapters in the book.

  47. Hi
    sir,I am gopal,5th year student of IIT-KGP.sir,I want to know ,is there any test series available for mathematics(IAS) IN delhi or any where else?I have already finished syllabus so I want to improve through test series.If any then please apprise me I would be thankful to yoy

  48. @gopal which hall are u in. I am also frm kgp and i am also preparing. Maths is one of my optionals. what is your other optional?

  49. Dear Prakash,

    I was trying to find the books mentioned by you,
    it is difficult to find krishna series books these days. I could not find complex analysis and Linear programming.

    Also in the book Numerical Analysis by Jain & Iyengar – is the actual name of book “Numerical Methods (As per Anna University)” by S R K Iyengar & R K Jain ??

    Please do let us know where to find these books.
    I am residing in Mumbai.


  50. Dear Prakash,

    I was trying to find the books mentioned by you,
    it is difficult to find krishna series books these days. I could not find complex analysis and Linear programming.

    Also in the book Numerical Analysis by Jain & Iyengar – is the actual name of book “Numerical Methods (As per Anna University)” by S R K Iyengar & R K Jain ??

    Please do let us know where to find these books.
    I am residing in Mumbai.


  51. Kindly comment on the new changes in Civil Services where there is just a single optional? In addition, I heard that Maths syllabus is lengthier than the time when you appeared for the same.

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