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Why I was disappointed at rank-2?

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Roll No. : 70763
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2009
Subject Maximum
Marks Marks
Essay(Paper III) 200 080
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 127
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 119
Optional I, ELECTRICAL ENG. Paper-VI 300 217
Paper-VII 300 201
Optional II, MATHEMATICS. Paper-VIII 300 209
Paper-IX 300 218
Written Total 2000 1171
Interview Marks 300 165
Final Total 2300 1336
Remarks : Recommended.

Last time I got 105 in essay, and 140+134 in GS.

  1. Sir,in the paper of G.S what was the average overall?Is scoring above 150…a tougher part of this exam?Please post something about scaling system followed while deciding the ranks.

    • @amogh: i am badly hit by the gs score. i dont know the average. i could not cross 150 in either paper despite writing them very good(at least according to me). i can only speculate about the scaling system.

  2. extraordinary marks in the optionals ,I think they are highest ever.congrats.

  3. Your marks should be shown to those people who discourage taking science optional Jai ho ! its highest hit in any optional i bet

  4. man dunno be discouraged i consider you as topper rather than shah faisel , yep GS marks r disappointing but you have gotta 2nd place so cheers !! Hey by the by do lets us know your strategies for mathematics am finding difficulty from where to start which topic to covers first ie sequence. So Mr topper do reply soon

  5. Sir,did u hv ny mentor while u were preparing for ur exams?I mean hu ws ur source of inspiration?

    • @amogh: people like M.Revu and Supreet Singh Gulati has already performed well with the common optionals

  6. a decent GS score would have stood you on top of the country. we know who the rascals are who are responsible for the slip. shame on the propagandists who claim to be a coaching institute. my sister and friends suffered similarly for enrolling there. not one class was worth it. when we asked for the fees back, we got threatened subtly.expose them Prakash sir. Like you nailed the ragging gang.You have the resources now. God bless you.

    • @shivnath: yes a decent GS score would make me a topper. but i did not enrol anywhere for 2009 attempt. i went there for 2008.

  7. Mindblowing marks sir in optionals subjects…..u r Master blaster in field of electrical and mathematics….Hats off to u sir…..
    u told me earlier that u got 390 in maths last year ….and 105 in essay and 274 in GS then where u went wrong ??….what was your final score sir in your first attempt (Interview ? Electrical ?)….

  8. wats d marks of india topper?
    u get gud mrks in statistics in g.s. 2nd ppr
    how is possible
    btw sir u r topper also now n AIR-2 is also a big dreams for many
    n u also Optional topper AIR-1 845 [418+427] wonderful
    ppl get discourged thinking tht common mrks of 340-380 can be achieved despite all efforts

    • @priyu: he got 1361(1136+225). this years gs marks will remain mystery forever.

      • btw how u managed to get 845 mrks??
        u devote whole time for optionals??

      • @priyu: its not that i devoted entire time to optionals. 25% was given to gs also.

  9. i think ncerts and one magazine is not suffice for g.s.

  10. sir were u able to answer the first question of gs paper 1 . earlier we had direct questions in history but last time it was statement given. i think very few must have answered it.

  11. do u think that because u took maths and electrical,both tough and vast, so u devoted a lot of time on it and therefore less on gs. also had u taken something as or geography u could have given more on gs and also these optionals are relevant to gs and essay.actually i m also a engg. student and deciding which optional to take.

    • @pradeep: no, i did not devote any less time to gs, infact i gave more time to it than maths. my gs papers also went very well. yes i answered 1st question of GS-I. i would believe that some highly unlikely event has occurred as my marks does not corresponds to how well i wrote it.

  12. sir,

    i have written my preliminary with electrical engineering as optional and i am getting around

    OPTIONAL: 150-160

    Will i be qualifying for mains?

  13. Sir,I know you would be very busy with your own stuff.But as you are one amongst the many mighty IITians,if you don’t mind can you also upload some material worth reading for us … some stuff related to current affairs or G.S.or any other info which we should definitely know!!!!

  14. sir…i think its the highest ever marks in optional….
    sir if we dnt consider interview marks…u r topper in written marks

  15. Hello,Mr.Rajpurohit,first of all congratulations for ur outstanding performance in Civil services exam.And kudos for ur phenomenal scores in ur optionals, these would have been surely a record.
    The GS scores are definitely disheartening ,but still we believe u as a topper indeed.
    wishing u luck for ur career as a bureaucrat!

  16. sir…is level of questions in electrical engineering is of btech or of mtech….

  17. hello prakash,wil u give us suggestions about the practice questions of electrical the material of the books u listed,sufficient for the practice?or u considered any other question bank for practice?please reply with the suggestio for the source of practice questions

  18. Sir,
    How scoring is Electrical Engg paper as compared to Arts subject?
    Did u prepare full time or with any job in hand?


  19. Hello Prakash, firstly congratulations for your extraordinary performance,
    I am angella, planning for civils 2012, i am planning to choose pub ad as one of my optional and i am interested in mathematics, but heard it is very tough as the syllabus is of phd level. could you please guide me.

    • @angella: thanks. syllabus of maths is not of phd level. it is of bachelors+1st year masters level.

  20. can u plz suggest some material for general studies??
    how r u spending your time untill u ve to join the training??

  21. Thank you Prakash,
    Is it enough if one prepares for mathematics from the books which you have suggested. Or should i go for any more books, because i have almost one and half year to go for the exam.
    Can you please suggest book for the preliminary exam as well.

    Thanking you,

    • @angella: i think they are enough. if you have ample time, practice same set of questions 2-3 times. i did not go for any other books for prelims.

  22. you are the written topper ,were you forced to come second by interview marks???
    any ways congrats for such prolific scoring.

    • @prashant: it wont be appropriate to comment on the fairness of the upsc’s scoring scheme.

  23. I earlier asked you about the appropriate time to switch towards objective approach for gs from subjective approach,you said you will be writing a separate article on that,please reply about that.
    From next year onwards UPSC is going to conduct CSAT ,what it will be comprising of??

    • @prashant: you need to have subjective approach throughout the preparation, and objective for 3-4 months before prelims.
      i dont have much idea about csat pattern as upsc has not revealed anything.

  24. Thank you so much,
    Your suggestions are very useful.


  25. congratulation sir on ur terrific success,u have broken all previous records in science and arts,could u pls share ur interview experience and ur stragedy towards GS and essay.

  26. sir..i am thinking of giving upsc exam on 2013,n on that year i will be completing 21 years….so does my age will affect negative in interview as almost all others will be my great seniors…
    n will the patter of main exam will change to that year?

    • @dheeraj: age will not matter in interview. it is difficult to predict pattern of 2013 so early.

  27. from where can i get good study material for civil engg. optional..can u plzz tell..????

  28. sir…as i am in 2 year of electrical engineering from IIT roorkee,what should i do now(this year) for d preparation of upsc 2013…

  29. sir i am getting toatl 202 marks with gs – 47 . shall i qualify for mains?

  30. if i would correctly get ans of 500 marks in math. how much marks i would get after scaling?

  31. Sir .i am from IT-BHU studying material science ..i was confused about my optionals so i decided to take and sociology as they seemed to me most fascinating..should i go for the traditional science subjects like Chemistry(The syllabus is quite similar to JEE) or Physics or stay with my optionals as they will serve as new learning opportunity to me?

  32. Congrts prakash for such a great success.
    I wrote last mains with mechaniacal as a optional but scored poorly 240.
    I learned that u got less marks in ur 1st attempt. & in this attempt u scored such brillintly. also i heard abt many friends that consistent score is difficult with science subjects. why is this fluctuation?

    • @jitendra: i dont think there is fluctuation in science subjects, generally marks increases in successive attempts.

  33. Sir,Can u get me in touch with someone with chemistry as optional for pre and mains.

  34. Hi Prakash,

    Congratulations on your success in CSE 2010.

    I am en electrical grad. , i am targeting 2011 CSE however the problem is i am working in a software firm , in your previous post you said you worked full time.

    Do you think it is possible to study the subject with my job in hand ?
    do you suggest any advice for me ?
    After I have been through the syllabus I could see that most of the topics are more familiar I just wanted to know how the mains question paper are lengthy ?

    Did you practice the answer writing for mains ?

    • @kushal: i have said i prepared full time. studying with job is a subjective matter. you have to decide yourself on that. in general full time preparation is advisable for cse.
      obviously anybody taking electrical engg. will be familiar with the syllabus. you need to be thorough with the syllabus.
      yes, i practiced a lot for mains.

  35. I have one question regarding psychological view point about outcome of exam. When you finished mains exam in November-2009, did you get idea that your exam really went well and you were going to crack it with rank coming under 25? Since interview mark would not matter after such performance in written part. Were you preparing for this year prelims also till 6th May considering nature of uncertainties in examination?

    • @shitanshu: honestly speaking i was sure to top in written. i packed my books after the written and was busy in some other stuff till results(6th may). but i do not recommend this to others.

  36. Hi Prakash,

    How much time did you take to complete your studies for electrical?
    How do you suggest to organize the gs optional 1 and 2 i mean in number of hours ?

    • @kushal: electrical took almost half of my preparation time. you should allocate time on the basis of vastness of syllabus and your comfort level in the optional.

  37. Congrats Sir!
    Please tell me the name of real analysis book you studied for IAS.I am preparing with maths as one optional.

  38. Hi Prakash,

    Thanks for answering my previous posts , Can you also provide your analysis for the exam ? Moth wise when you started …

    I am new to all this I just wanted to see if I am on right track and putting the right amount of efforts as you did.


  39. Hi,

    I hope to score around 160 in optional (Statistics) and around 60 in GS, do you think for unpopular optionals like Statistics – mine is a safe score?


  40. Sir, i m in ECE. i want to write the exam with electrical & maths as optional subjects. i have gone through the syllabus of electrical, i have 15-20% extra topics to cover(other than electronics & comm. because ECE is not an optional subject in civil services). i have a deep interest in maths. i m conceptually strong in these subject (as far as i think)but i have fear of subjective questions in me. My 1st question -i shuld opt electrical or any other subject(because 20% of the course i m not familiar bout that). My second question is that which subject should i select for prelims- electrical or maths (i m confused because math is my farourite subject & i have a gud objective apprach to it, as far as i have studied maths till now. on the other hand, electrical is my main stream)
    please guide me thoroughly

    • @patel: the fact is that covering the 20% of the unfamiliar syllabus in EE will take more time than completing humanities subject like public admin.
      you need not consider any subject in prelims as pattern may change this year.

    • what is this ECE ? there is no ECE Branch for study according to international standards ,… you either have EE or CS …and even some top universities have EE & CS department as common one i.e. Electrical And Computer Sc Department…Both IITs and UPSC follow International Standard not the AICTE one (which has split engg. departments like they are biological cell) … people will laugh if they hear there is something called ECE where they just concentrate on Communication Engg….Mtech chal rahi hai kya bhai?

  41. First congratulate for ur grand success.
    What was ur subject for prelims math or electrical engineering.

  42. Hi.. Mr. Prakash Ji,…just received your email id from Ms. Iva Sahay and have sent you the invitation from MIT School of Government Pune. Keenly waiting for your reply.

  43. Did you appear in IES ??


  45. sir ! congratulation……….. please tell about ur study hours ?

  46. hello sir,

    I am confused in choosing Inst for GS.

    please suggest sm good coaching inst for GS, infact best

    I am preparing with job


    • @vikas: i dont know which one is best, but most people go for sriram, vajiram,als.

      • Thank U sir for ur prompt reply

        I am also confused in these three, and looking for inst providing classes for working professionals (weekend or late hour batches).

        Sir if u have sm idea about KSG (Khan study Group) plz share


      • @vikas: sorry i dont have idea about ksg or any other which provide classes for working professionals.

  47. It seems that UPSC did a sort of ‘damage control’ by deducting your marks in GS, Essay and Interview.
    It is not possible to score such super duper marks in humanities subjects. Even if one has high degree of mastery overs these, you are bound to lose huge chunk of marks as no answer is an ideal answer. High degree of subjectivity and self-explanation is required in such subjects. On the other hand, Scientific subjects (particularly Mathematics)and Engineering subjects are highly objective by their own nature. UPSC have very less room to check what exactly a person thinks or what exactly he is in these subjects. If one write an answer fully, he will get full marks unlike humanities subjects.
    I believe UPSC has tried to provide a ”levelled playground” to other guys in your case. What do you think, Prakash?

    • @aniket: interesting theory! all we can do is speculate as upsc does not reveal its evaluation methodology.

  48. sir ! congratulation please tell that is it possible to cover the GS in three months after PT result

  49. sir ! i am appering for indian economic service interview on 09-aug-2010 please tell how to overcome nervousness in front of board?

    • @satinder: see, i think all the interview boards are cordial. plus it wont matter if you could not answer few questions. you just think of answering honestly.

  50. hi,
    this is aishwarya . and am presently doing my final year B.E. in the stream of cse..ias hs been my ambition from the start.
    so can u plz suggest me as to which is the right time to start preparing for the coveted exam?
    and is it better to do post graduation and then write ias,or prepare for it after BE, and write?and am planning to take public admin as my am from a science background,will it be possible for me to prepare exhaustively for a subject like public admin?and can you please suggest me the books that should be read for gs?and good coaching institutes.?
    please guide me in my endeavour sir.
    thank you sir.

    • @aish: it is the right time to start your preparation. yes you can cover pub ad exhaustively. i have written the books in gs-mains post.

  51. thank you sir.

  52. sir if i start preparing from now,which year can i take the ias exams?
    thank you sir

  53. sir…..
    i m asking the repeated Q…. whiledoing the pvt.job IT industry,do i have any chance to get through. as its very dificult to maintain routine…,swith from Govt. ll b better option..?
    even uleft ur job todopreparation,so u can understand the scenario.
    u r comment…?

    • @rohit: it will be very tough to get through while doing hectic job. i think it is better to switch to govt job.

  54. sir…
    i want to take electrical and maths as an optional subject. but ppl says u cant study both subjects at same time since syllabus is very vast..plz help me out whether i should choose it or not..i m doing elec engg from iit kharagpur (3rd yr)…

    • @aarushi: yes syllabus of both combined together is very vast. you can retain one of them and choose some humanities subject instead of other.

  55. how many questions u solved in maths prelim .
    what is cut off in math pre .

  56. Can you tell roughly how many cleared upsc2009 wid electrical subject and their avg marks in electrical?

  57. sir,

    Hello Sir, Congo to you from securing AIR-2 in ICS.

    i am Hemant Kumar, 2005 Batch IP, IITD, so as a senior i am seeking guidance from you, i have done MAL 110, and MAL 120 only in aced…rest approximately how much course will be new to me? i have seen syllabus, and part-II is looking mostly new, part-1 is almost looking familiar.

    How much time i need to cover the rest new syllabus?

    Also kindly tell me number of students clear ICS with Mathematics? What is Cut off marks for Mathematics for the same?


  58. Hello Sir, Congo to you for securing AIR-2 in ICS.

    i am Hemant Kumar, 2005 Batch IP, IITD, so as a senior i am seeking guidance from you, i have done MAL 110, and MAL 120 only in aced…rest approximately how much course will be new to me? i have seen syllabus, and part-II is looking mostly new, part-1 is almost looking familiar.

    How much time i need to cover the rest new syllabus?

    Also kindly tell me number of students clear ICS with Mathematics? What is Cut off marks for Mathematics for the same?


  59. hi bhayya congrats for clearing,
    i am a fresher. i am from ece background. i want to take one optional as pubad and another optional a technical one. could you please give me your opinion of taking electricals as one optional. i was not even planning to do any job. i met two ies cleared people who are working as profs regarding this. They were saying directly not to take this optional.could you please tell me about how much time it takes to complete the portion and how many cleared this year. everyone is thinking you are the only person who clearedtaking electricals as optional. please help me in this.

    • @ramkrishna: i will also not suggest you to take electrical. the time it will take for preparation, 2 optionals can be finished.

      • really thanks bhayya for your suggestion. If time is not the criteria, as (Iam not so desperate to clear for the first time only,i will try my best),if I complete the portion, is electricals scoring? could you say about its toughness like comparatively to IES? i am thinking that technical subjects are comparatively more scoring than arts. is this true?because we have to score very well in one subject for sure to get a good rank. my views are like every time we give an attempt we can get more morks than previous attempts in science subjects but we cant say anything about arts. your suggestions will influence me so much about electricals optional because i tried my best to find anyone who prepared for electricals but i didnt find ny1.

      • @ramakrishna: cse electrical is tougher than the ies papers. no there is no general rule that technical subjects are more scoring. no body crossed 300 this time in electrical. but it is true that marks increases with effort, which sometimes may not hold for humanities subjects.

  60. Congratulations sir,I m from BIT Mesra Mechanical engg (2nd yr). n I want to tk Mechanical Engg n Physics as optionals. Can d preapration b done with dese in next 3 yrs ?? n how many hrs shud I devote to dese subjects daily?? 9-10 will suffice?? plz, guide Sir.

  61. hii
    your electrical mains marks
    cse 2008 – 231
    cse 2009 – 418

    what was strategy for such jump in marks???

  62. Hello Prakashji,
    Congratulations on your grand success in the CSE exams.I am sure you will stand as a role model for us all throughout your life with your current achievements and with those to come. Can you tell us which administrative service you have opted for?

  63. Any idea about Physics subject? (Info like maximum marks anybody could get, efforts for preparation (compared to Maths/Pub. Ad.))

  64. hii bro ,this is ranjith ,btech 3rd yr computer science IIT Kharagpur.before opting fr computer science ,i wasnt aware that there is no computer science subject as i have no choice rather than going with public ad and maths.I would be glad if u express ur views on my optionals………
    by the by,can u tell me a good strategy for preparing GS??

  65. Hello sir, I am in 3rd year of polytechnic ( mechanical engg.) I am planning to apper ias exam in 2018 after my graduation. My dearest aim is to top ias exam. Sir, what should I read right from now so as to clear basics of UPSC syllabus ? Please sir suggest some reading beside newspaper. I am finding political science & economics hard to melt away the concepts..please sir I am waiting for your reply . Can you please send me e-mail id of Iva Sahay & Anupama T V ? I searched a lot…Please sir reply

  66. @sir, I am planning to attempt CSE 2016.
    Please guide me how to begin., my current age is 20 years.

  67. @ Sir, I am preparing for CSE 2016 .Please
    Guide me how to start the preparation.

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