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I have uploaded solutions to Q 1(a) and Q 7(a) of CSE-2009 paper-II attempted by me.

  1. Thank u very much . Hope to see more solutions.

  2. Congratulation sir,
    For these type of problems which book should be prefer as you have solve Q 1 (a).
    Please upload more answer to help us.

    • @rahul: i need to know the question numbers which you want me to upload. i have already given books in other post.

  3. Sir,Best wishes to you for your grand success.Sir i m going to give my first attempt in 2011…sir i want to know about moderation/scaling….i didnt get the funda of moderation…what is dat sir..pls reply sir..waiting fr your reply sir…
    sorry to post here….but pls sir put light on this thing

    • @prakash: see i dont know exactly how moderation is done. if you have decided with maths just put your 100% without caring about anything.

      • hello prakash bhaiya, my name is PRATEEK SAGAR. I was your junior in DAV Dayanand vihar. This year i have taken admission in MCA IP university. Bhaiya i want to be an IAS officer, but im confused how to prepare for it, Which subjects should i choose for mains as
        the subjects in MCA are completely different from MAINS. plz help me. I want to prepare for CSE from now and after MCA i will take UPSC exans. PLZ HELP ME Im VERY DEPRESSED.

      • @prateek: there is no need to be depressed, you can choose among the variety of humanities subjects like public admin, sociology, geography etc

  4. hello sir,please post the solutions of EE paper so that we have a fair idea of writing the answers…

  5. Hello Sir..

    nice to see some solutions.Hope to c more of them.

    Its very helpful…many thanx for such a wonderful gesture.This blog has really helped us in giving some insight to this optional.

    once again ..thank you… 🙂

  6. Hello sir
    Upload previous question papers
    Thank you sir

  7. thank u very much prakash.

  8. simplex question mein har step ko detail mein explain karna hai or just tables will suffice?
    and if i do not know a question (but just the theory how it can be done ) is there any point in writing it? will they give any marks?

    • @sanyam: no need of explaining steps in simplex/tp/ap problems. just get the entries in table correct. mark the pivot element or show it with arrow.
      if you have time left then you can write on the question which you dont know, i dont have any idea how much marks will it fetch.

  9. so nice of you for the solutions prakash.
    looking forward for the next post.

  10. Sir, I am aspirant of Civil with Mechanical as one of my optional. I would like to know books for it. If you have any of your friend with mechanical then please let me know. My other optional is Math and thanks for posting books name for it.
    Looking forward for your answer.

  11. Sir, can u post how ur interview went( may b any questions u remembr), so that v can get an idea how the interview of a technical student will be.

  12. hello prakash
    please write solution for cse-06,paper-2,qstn-7(a)or tell how to solve it.

  13. we r eagerly waitin for ur next post…but well as they say, all in good time” 🙂

  14. hello prakash
    please upload the answers of cse-09 papers, if its not possible to put all the solutions.

  15. please do reply whether you will upload or not.
    also please reply to
    “solution for cse-06,paper-2,qstn-7(a)or tell how to solve it”.(asked earlier)

  16. so nice of you.

  17. Why no-one gets out of marks in any of science optionals in upsc?
    All the school life heard that sciences are scoring. just get the answer right with correct steps and 100 % marks is yours.

    • @maddy: cse has relative evaluation as compared to school exam where you get absolute marks. moreover they have to make the comparison between science and humanities subjects, which makes it impossible to give 100% marks in science.

  18. How-amd-what-do-you-study-in-polity

  19. Have heard that in mathematics marks papers in UPSC marks are granted to fully right answers, if there occur error in calculation you get zero for your answers. Paper is very lengthy compared to other optionals . It takes more time cover syllabus compared to humanities optionals . these are the reason one should avoid mathematics for their optionals. What you say sir regarding this ?

    • @rohan: Regarding step marking, i dont have any proof to substantiate/contradict your claim. i dont think any sensible evaluator will give zero marks.
      Plus length of paper and syllabus is subjective matter. It varies from person to person.

  20. Hi prakash,
    I have seen people who scored marks 400+ and below 100 in maths. There is very wide range of marks in maths compared with other subjects. Is upsc giving marks for steps or to final correct answer only?

    • @sumant: there is no proof to substantiate/contradict the claim of step marking. i dont think any sensible evaluator will give marks at only final correct answer.

  21. Hi prakash,
    Can you please upload the answer of any simplex method problem? I need to know format of the answer or table while solving the question paper.

  22. am not getting many books here in mumbai u have mentioned specially krishna series (meerut) . Where shall am going to find it . & for linear algebra how is K C Prasad or J N sharma do let me know

    • @rohan: they are available at jawahar book depot, ber sarai, new delhi. i havent seen the books on linear algebra, so i cant comment on either.

  23. i contacted one distributer he say its krishna prakshan not krishna series now am confused , Sir do lets us know how to cover Abstract algebra , which books should i prefer herstien or Khanna & bhambri

    • @rohan: yes it is krishna prakashan. read any of the textbook 2-3 times for algebra.

  24. Hello sir ,
    If i want to join a coaching of mathematics which coaching should i prefer? If you have not taken any coaching then also suggest me .

    • @rahul: if i havent joined any maths coaching what can be my basis for suggesting?

  25. Hello prakash,
    I got 1 serious problem. HOW TO STUDY POLITY & CONSTITUTION.
    Its been horribly hopeless. Every single planner, guide say ‘imp articles from…’,’I read DD basu.’ But what does that mean? I have DD BASU, Laxmikant, kashyap. but whenever I open that books…. AAkho ke samne andhera cha jata hai. Plz tell what do you exactly study for polity? Do you memorize article nos. and amendment nos. which are imp art. and amd….. PLZ HELP

  26. hi sir i am a (cse) graduate. I am in little bit confusion about my optionals because some body told me maths in civils are too tough. but i m interested in taking maths..please give me suggestios for that..i got 147/150 in 11Th class,150/150 in 12th class in maths..please post your valuble suggestions at thanks in advance…

    • @anjaneyulu: yes, maths has lowest success ratio, least average among all the optionals. if you feel you have very good aptitude then only go for it.

  27. Hello Prakash, in PDE for wave equation and heat equation,,, is 3D and 2D also in the syylabus… also for laplace equation is 3D in the syylabus…. thanks..

    • @ajay: i dont think higher dimensions are in the syllabus. but nothing is mentioned explicitly. seeing the previous year pattern i did not cover them.

  28. from where we gonna get CSE & IFS past question and solution manual ? do let us know sir

    • @rohan: i dont know if there are any solutions available. question papers are published by vishal publications.

  29. hello prakash, for computer programming part.. Basic language is not mentioned in the syylabus however it was mentioned in the old syylabus.. can we safely conculde that we do not need to learn basic… also algorithm and flow chart is mentioned only for numerical analysis techniques… does it mean only those techniques which are mentioned in the numerical analysis part or do we need to cover some other techniques also..

    • @ajay: basic language is not there, leave it. for flow charts and algo it seems to mean techniques mentioned in syllabus only.

  30. thanks prakash…

  31. Hi prakash,

    For numerical Analysis which book of Jain and Iyengar to refer, “Numerical methods problems and solutions” or “Numerical methods for scientific and Engineering Computations” ? Seeing forward for ur reply.

  32. In 2002 Math paper 1 the question was asked prove the inequality
    x-(x²/2) <In (x +1 ) < x – (x²/2(1 +x))

    shall we prove it by representing its function graphically or by comparing analysis on domian ? or both

    • @rohan: use increasing(decreasing) function approach. take f(x) = ln(x+1)-[x-x*x/2] as function and prove that it is increasing and thus f(x)>f(0)[=0].

  33. yes that is but is it necessary to draw graph of function ?bcoz they are elementary functions and thier graph could be easily skteched . In other way can we just draw graph as the required answer?

  34. Sir,Ihave done my from MNNIT,Allahabad in Biotechnology,i was aspiring to attempt at ias-2011 with maths as one of the optionals,i liked maths in my school days & while reviewing through the syllabus and previous years paper i thought with some efforts i would be able to do it,i m average student,sir i would like to ask you what analysis one should do before selecting optionals?

    • @varun: it is better not to take maths. go for subjects like pub ad, socio, geo, psycho. see their syllabus and some basic textbooks and then decide which subject you can study.

  35. hello prakash, for 3D solid geometry in shanti narayan book, which chapter is to cover for conicoid part. there are 3-4 chapter there for this section.. e.g. chap 8 9 10 12
    also could you please tell the chapter wise coverage of PDE from raisinghania book.


    • @ajay: cover only 1st chapter(dont remember number or name). do not touch plane section or generators. i dont have new edition of raisinghnia to tell you the chapters.

  36. keenly waiting for your next blog

  37. thank u v much for sharing such nice info

  38. Hi Prakash,

    Iam BE (Biotech)I love maths too much and used to get above 90 always and i studied it till BE 2 nd year and im vey much interested to take mathematics. Please give me your suggestion to take mathematics as an option

    • @harish: scoring in maths is tough because of relative competition, plus syllabus is vast too. you can consider humanities subjects in which you might have interest.

  39. Hi Prakash,

    I am in 4th yr. of BTech (electrical engineering). I have some job offers but I want to sit back and prepare for civil services exam. Would be grateful if I could get your opinion. Thanks.

    • @aditya: it is very difficult question to answer. even i had faced similar situation. civil services exam requires prolonged preparation and it is tough to do it along with job. plus technical jobs are exacting. if you have good financial condition than you can sit back and prepare otherwise work for some time and then start preparing.

  40. Thats !the reason m discouraged to opts mathematics from other but i cant tolerate humanities even for a min ,i am confident to score well in mathematics ,and which theorems should be done topic wise is it necessary to consider detail derivation of Taylor’s series ( two or more variables) , In theorem they have mentions about remainder so its it cauchy remainder R(n) for the series? theorems like prove the uniqueness of solution for differential equations , etc, metric space is there in the syllabus (I mean hidden or linked).

    • @rohan: no, for calculus part you need not go into derivations of theorems. you need to consider both cauchy and lagrange form of remainders.

  41. Hi
    Congrats fr ur success..!!

    I am one of your batchmates friend…i wanted to attend your classes at locus but due to unhealthy financial cond’n thugh was offered a discount i couldnt and nw preparin fr mains.. i am gettin a score of 140+ in maths and 45+ in gs..and i am hope full of my pre selection..also while preparing from d books u mentioned i find that it is taking a lot of tym to cover ..tym is short at my hand..since i recently completed my PG jus a week b4 ias pre and cudnt prepare fr mains previously..can u suggest me a strategy to cover selective topics so that i cud attempt all d 5 Q’s (600)in mains widout covering evry topic… wud be very grateful to you ..i am hugely inspiredby ur success and aiming for d top rank

    • @alok: it is not possible to attempt compulsory questions without covering entire syllabus. you can go for selective study to cover optional questions. i have mentioned them in mathematics post.

  42. even if i am nt able to attempt full 600 marks den also i want to do selective study.. til nw my co-odinate, fluid dynamics, mechanics,vector calculus, complex analysis, LP, ,50-60 % modern algebra is covered..plz suggest me d smartest way to cover maximum marks if nt 600 mebbe 550+..i think waise bhi if i manage to attempt 550+ correctly i will get 380+ ..i want to cover dose topics which are most easy to handle wrt tym.. and i think instead of superficially covering evry topic i shud cover topics less but solid..

  43. Hi Prakash!
    Really appreciate your comments. This blog is extremely helpful for aspirants like us 🙂

  44. From which books we should cover these topics {Binary system; Arithmetic and logical operations on numbers; Octal and Hexadecimal systems; Conversion to and from decimal systems; Algebra of binary numbers}

  45. is it necessary to consider proof of all standard theorem and formulas eg stokes formula ( vector analysis ) there has been question whose answer is very short but it carry 12 marks eg if there is function f such that it has three zeroes between (a,b) prove that there exit atleast one zero f” between that interval , answer simply call for application of rolle’s theorem , and its could be finished in half a page .so how to go with such answers in writing format .

    • @rohan: you need not give proof of the theorems used. you just have to justify why and how the particular theorem is being used. you can mention that all three conditions of rolles theorem are satisfying.

  46. hey prakash will you please guide me how can I go for questions no.
    6. (a)of CSE (main), 2008 &
    5. (a) of CSE (main), 2009

  47. Q4 (a) of paper II ,am getting
    2π/ (α²- β² – γ²)^1/2 – arc tan γ/(α²- β² – γ²)^1/2

    i have followed definite integral property integration f(x) with lower limit 0 and upper limit 2a then integration reduces to integration of f(x) + f(2a – x) with lower limit 0 and upper limit a , hence then converting corresponding sinθ & cosθ to tan(θ/2) . my step are correct then y am getting addition last part ?

    • @rohan: verify again. any ways this ought to be done using contour integration in the exam.

  48. Q4 (a) of paper II 2009 CSE

  49. Sir, Is there any solution paper for math previous year question ?

    • @tushar: i dont think there is any such solution book available. you can read from brilliants material.

  50. hi prakash.
    if it is possible please upload algorithms of numerical methods mentioned in the syllabus. thanks.

  51. Hello Prakash,in the complex analysis part of the syylabus, meromorphic functions(rouche theorem) are not mentioned in the syylabus but questions were asked in some previous year… could you please tell whether we need to cover it or not…

  52. hi sir,
    i am a b-tech 3rd year student (electrical engg NIT-BHOPAL).i want to take mathematics as my second please can you guide me from where i should start my preparation. altough i have cleared AIEEE but my school education was not so good.

  53. please upload algorithms of numerical methods mentioned in the syllabus

  54. hello praksh, could you tell the relevent chapter of the boolean algebra part in moris mano

  55. sir,can u plz tell the rank to be obtained in the ias to make it to the HOME STATE cadre?

  56. hi sir ..i m also student of iitk…i m intrsted in maths but some person call me that its so tough..i like maths in school one subject may be geography but me comfuse in maths…so plz guide me & give information about pre.cut off of maths…sir i also obtained 130/160 marks in iit plz help me

    • @priya: i dont have any idea about the pre cutoff. paper of maths is easy but competition is relative so it becomes tough. if you are interested in maths then go ahead with it.

  57. hello sir,

    Can you please tell me publications which have previous years’ question papers solved topic wise for mathematics, english, public administration and indian language.

    Thank you,

    • @angela: i am not aware about maths, but for other subjects vishal publications has relevant topicwise solved papers.

  58. hello prakash
    really nice to hera u after the gap
    all the very best for the FC

    regards from all of us
    we have faith in u, nation is going to have another able IAS officer

  59. Thank you Sir

  60. I have just got into 3rd year of my B.E, I have interest in maths, but my grades in mathsI,II,III were 7,6,6 …out of 10.
    How can I manage time, to crack in the first attemp….after 2 yrs?
    keeping in mind the hectic schedule of 8 to 4 classes.

    • @manish: i think it is better not to take maths. many people realise this after wasting 4 attempts.

  61. Hi, prakash i am rajendra chaudhary, from IIT Kharagpur and i am thinking to write CSE with hindi medium. can u tell me how medium is important and i qualified JEE with hindi medium.

  62. Sir I am working in ongc as enginner..i am not getting sufficient time to syudy. so math is my school days favourite paper..should i go for math in ias prep. bcoz i take small time to cover..also plz tell me the name of some good math book..

    • @lokesh: if you are working maths is not a good optional. i have suggested books in seperate post.

  63. hi sir ..i m student of iitk…i .…s…sir i also obtained 130/160 marks in iit plz help me..sir whats ur thinking maths of ias tougher or easier then iit..plz suggest me ..i want maths one objectional subject

  64. Sir,would you kindly post other solutions of maths mains 2009 if time permits.

  65. Sir,
    Dis is Rohit pursuing final yr of Btech, sir i’m thinking to take Electrical eng and maths as my optionals same as u. Can u tell me is it possible to get through civil services with tht subs?
    In d previous(@manish: i think it is better not to take maths. many people realise this after wasting 4 attempts) post u said its some wht difficult to get through so actually wht do u mean sir?
    Because of lack guidance or any thing else ? wht is d main drawback to take tht(maths/electrical engg) optional

  66. sir, i have done my B.E.(Electronics)-2010 with FCD and working in a service company… written GATE-2010 in Maths(AIR-272) as i was preparing for CSE. now i want to know is it feasible to prepare while in private job. also tell me how much the new pattern(CSAT) is gonna affect a technical guy…do one need coaching for this…. is it needed to make notes for Maths.

  67. hello prakash
    ur awaited notes from numerical analysis are yet to come.
    please make it as fast as possible.


  68. good evening sir,
    I have done BTech in ECE, can you pls suggest subjects for IAS preparation

  69. can anybody solve this, please

    Q)show that a cyclic group of order 6 is isomorphic to the product of a cyclic group of order 2 and a cyclic group of order 3.Can you generalize this? justify.

  70. Hello Sir, I m student of IIT Bombay praparing for ias with math as my optional. Sir i wanna know that drawing diagram of geometry is important in main exam as well as writing of solution should be like example(which i m considering) of book or something more. Plz let me know in detail.

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