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In Uncategorized on March 13, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Hello everyone! I’m writing a post here after a long time to share some useful news with you. I have recently contributed to a Math website which has a lot of high quality math content available which will be useful for high school students as well as college students, and IAS aspirants. You can visit the website here:

I will appreciate any feedback.

  1. Hello sir, nice to see you after a long time.I went through the Algebra portion and i found this very impressive.Usually,online contents are prepared -by foreigners-from western perspective which is either of elementary level or of Olympiad level.But Exams like JEE test knowledge which is somewhere between these two extreme levels.Please add future chapters keeping this in mind.
    How is your training going? Is it necessary to live in village ? How are things different from the conditions given in English,August?

    • Thanks for the feedback Lalit. This resource has been designed especially keeping Indian students in mind. More content will be added constantly to it. It is free to use so you can refer other students for whom this will be useful.
      Training is good. It is not necessary to live in a village. Right now I am posted in a district in Rajasthan.

  2. Hello Sir,glad to see you.The site is wonderful.Thank you for posting this website.Sir is there any useful site of learning Mechanical Engineering topics?

  3. Good Evening Sir, very nice to see your post after a long time. Hope you are doing fine and having a good time.

    Sir I have a doubt, as to whether we’ll have optional in 2013 CSE or not, at the moment only preparing for General Studies for next year. Should I prepare for optionals also or prepare latter on after the notices are out.?

    Thank You Sir, all your previous posts were very useful, I’ll also go through the website for sure.

  4. Great effort ! but 427 in Upsc in mathematic is miracle , what you feel is necessary to touch 400 + in upsc

  5. Hello sir, nice to see you after a long time. sir i want to ask a question sir i am ph and obc non creamy layer student preparing for ias exam sir at what rank i can get ias with this kota

  6. Hello sir.
    I am satish kumar from barmer persently i study b tech 3rd year govt engg college ajmer.
    I want to chat with you and guidens for featurs planning
    So please give reply ,where you persent postting at my mail
    please give your phone numbers……

  7. Sir, which will be the best website for chemistry and physics, i am preparing for jee.
    Cuemaths is best website for maths thnx for it

  8. Paradigm IAS Academy- The Best Academy. after visiting many classes & institutes for IAS, i finally met my expectations wit Paradigm IAS Academy. the strategy is completely markable & notes are concise & exam qualifying

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