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My Book on Mathematics

In Uncategorized on September 3, 2013 at 7:46 am

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that my first Math book, titled Mathematics for the JEE Advanced, was recently published by the prestigious publisher Pearson Education. It is a 1000+ page book and has a large number of original problems. It was authored jointly by me and my friend from IIT, Manan Khurma, and took 3 years to complete. Students preparing for the JEE will find the book very helpful, so spread the word among the IIT JEE aspirants community.

Here’s the cover of the first edition:


Prakash Rajpurohit


New math website

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Hello everyone! I’m writing a post here after a long time to share some useful news with you. I have recently contributed to a Math website which has a lot of high quality math content available which will be useful for high school students as well as college students, and IAS aspirants. You can visit the website here:

I will appreciate any feedback.

Electrical Engg Strategy

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Paper – I

  1. Circuit Theory: In this topic one should be fast in solving problems. Best way to gain speed is to practice regularly from IES papers of both electrical and electronics. Do questions from single IES paper (there are 3-6 questions every year) within time limit. Read the rest of this entry »

Mathematics solutions

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I have uploaded solutions to Q 1(a) and Q 7(a) of CSE-2009 paper-II attempted by me.

Mathematics part 2

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A major question that comes in the mind of an aspirant is whether she should go for selective or exhaustive preparation. I went for the exhaustive preparation, as most part of the syllabus was part of my graduation curriculum. But if time does not permit one can leave some topics from point of view of full 60 marks question. In this post I am giving topic wise preparation strategy.

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Mathematics part-1

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Before starting with the strategy I would like to answer a common question: What is the final score vis-à-vis correct attempt? It is true that there is heavy moderation of marks in science subjects especially in mathematics. But despite that it is possible to score very high. I got 390/600 in CSE-2008 and 427/600 in CSE-2009.  My final score and correct attempt paper wise is:

2008: Paper I
: I got 184/300. Correct attempt was 261/300. Paper II: I got 206/300. Correct attempt was around 250/300.

2009: Paper I: I got 209/300. Correct attempt was 300/300. Paper II: I got 218/300. Correct attempt was 285/300. Read the rest of this entry »

Why I was disappointed at rank-2?

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Roll No. : 70763
Civil Services (Main) Examination 2009
Subject Maximum
Marks Marks
Essay(Paper III) 200 080
General Studies (Paper-IV) 300 127
General Studies(Paper-V) 300 119
Optional I, ELECTRICAL ENG. Paper-VI 300 217
Paper-VII 300 201
Optional II, MATHEMATICS. Paper-VIII 300 209
Paper-IX 300 218
Written Total 2000 1171
Interview Marks 300 165
Final Total 2300 1336
Remarks : Recommended.

Last time I got 105 in essay, and 140+134 in GS.

Electrical Engineering(Mains) Booklist

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EE paper now a days requires covering of almost entire syllabus. The approach is to read from the textbooks and practice their solved examples and previous year papers of IES(both E&T and EE) and CSE. Also most of the topics are not covered by the single book. I have also given the reference sources. Stick to the syllabus for all the topics.

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Mathematics book list

In Uncategorized on May 29, 2010 at 3:39 pm

A lot of aspirants have asked me the best books to refer to for Mathematics Mains preparation. Almost all of the questions asked in the paper are solved examples from standard text-books. So it is important to identify the correct set of books for your preparation. Here I am providing the list of books which I referred to during my preparation. I was able to attempt all the questions during both my attempts. Read the rest of this entry »


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GS mains paper pattern is becoming unpredictable since the last 2 years. This makes the exam very interesting. Try to cover all the topics mentioned in the syllabus. Read the general guidelines mentioned in the syllabus – “The questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, and ability to analyze, and take a view on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives and demands.”  The understanding part requires wide reading and the analysing part requires thinking and practice. In this article I am giving the topic wise booklist and brief strategy you may follow for this paper. Read the rest of this entry »