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My Book on Mathematics

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Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that my first Math book, titled Mathematics for the JEE Advanced, was recently published by the prestigious publisher Pearson Education. It is a 1000+ page book and has a large number of original problems. It was authored jointly by me and my friend from IIT, Manan Khurma, and took 3 years to complete. Students preparing for the JEE will find the book very helpful, so spread the word among the IIT JEE aspirants community.

Here’s the cover of the first edition:


Prakash Rajpurohit


New math website

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Hello everyone! I’m writing a post here after a long time to share some useful news with you. I have recently contributed to a Math website which has a lot of high quality math content available which will be useful for high school students as well as college students, and IAS aspirants. You can visit the website here:

I will appreciate any feedback.

Electrical Engg Strategy

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Paper – I

  1. Circuit Theory: In this topic one should be fast in solving problems. Best way to gain speed is to practice regularly from IES papers of both electrical and electronics. Do questions from single IES paper (there are 3-6 questions every year) within time limit.